35 Funny Memes Only Bikers Will Understand

We’ve gathered these hilarious memes that only bikers will understand. Number 6 happens all the time, can’t help but do number 9. We dare you to hold back your laughter as you flip through these truthful and hilarious motorcycle memes below:

No. 1 - So True

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7 Musicians That You Didn’t Know Rode Motorcycles

There’s something about playing guitars and riding motorcycles that seems to go hand in hand. Over the years there have been several incredible musicians who’ve enjoyed the freedom of riding a motorcycle on the open road.

Alice Cooper on Motorcycle – Photo Credit: Pinterest

Artists including Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Alice Cooper, Gene Simmons, Willie Nelson, Duane Allman, Jimi Hendrix, and Kid Rock have all had their share of wind therapy. Many of these musicians rode motorcycles in their free time, but also had major influences on their music. Many musicians wrote songs about motorcycle rides (‘Born to be Wild’ – Steppenwolf), included motorcycles in their album covers, music videos, and even their on stage performances (Judas Priest).

Check out this short, but sweet list of influential musicians that also rode motorcycles. Let us know in the comments your favorite musicians who ride and if any of these artists on the list surprised you.

Check out the photos below:

Dave Grohl - Harley Davidson Road Glide

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Foo Fighters front man and former drummer for Nirvana rides a Harley-Davidson Deuce and a Road Glide. He also owned a Yamaha V-Max.

"I also have a Harley Davidson Deuce. It's so loud that I leave cars in my wake with their alarms wailing" - Dav Grohl

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Craziest (Street Legal) Trike You’ll Ever See

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Is this thing not the craziest trike you’ve ever seen? It may be ugly, but this thing is FAST! It totally looks like it came from a comic book or outer space. It’s a custom built chopper trike, 1200 HP, with custom suspension. Holy cow! Wait until you see it take off, you wouldn’t believe this hunk of metal could take off so fast! Continue reading “Craziest (Street Legal) Trike You’ll Ever See”

2016 Indian Motorcycle Model Lineup

Photo Credit: Indian Motorcycles

Indian Motorcycle fans are in for a real treat with the newest paint options for the 2016 model motorcycles. The line up introduces the all-new, all-black Chief Dark Horse, a anti-lock brake system and a new color option for the midsize Indian Scout, and new color palettes for the Chief Classic cruiser, Chief Vintage, Chieftain bagger, and the Roadmaster touring.

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10 Of The Coolest Harley-Davidson Tattoos Ever Seen

There are people out there who ride Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and then there are people who are such big fans, they dedicate their own flesh and a bit of blood to show their Harley-Davidson pride. These dedicated individuals prove that it’s not just a corporate logo, it’s a lifestyle. We’ve compiled some of the coolest Harley-Davidson tattoos we’ve ever seen for your viewing pleasure. Check our favorites below:

No. 1 - Harley-Davidson American Flag & Skull Tattoo

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28 Stunning Motorcycle Paintings That Will Make You Proud To Ride

Flip through a collection of 28 stunning works of art from motorcycle culture’s most inspiring artists including: David Mann, Michael Knepper, Ian Guy, Scott Jacobs, David Uhl, Richard Fuggetta, and Dave Barnhouse.

'Family' by David Mann

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