Meet Motorcycle Riding French Bulldog, Ollie

Ollie The Motorcycle Riding French Bulldog – Photo Credit:

Meet Ollie, the French bulldog who can’t get enough of the open road. He’s pretty famous, he’s even got an entire Instagram profile full of his adventures on and off the road. Check him out in the clip below enjoying some wind therapy. Continue reading “Meet Motorcycle Riding French Bulldog, Ollie”

Naughty & Funny “Ride To Work Day” Commercial

2016-02-04 15_47_53-More time, more fun! - YouTube
“Ride To Work Day” Risque Commercial – Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we thought we could post something a little naughty…

This funny Ride To Work Day UK commercial was probably too risque for US television, but thanks to YouTube it has us cracking up! Continue reading “Naughty & Funny “Ride To Work Day” Commercial”

Double Motorcycle Crash Has The Most Badass Ending

Double Motorcycle Crash Epic Ending
Double Motorcycle Crash Badass – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

In this video, a group of riders are enjoying a nice dose of wind therapy until one rider goes down, which causes another rider to crash. When they rush over to one of the downed riders, they shout to “call 911″, but the injured rider responds calmly with the most epic statement ever! Continue reading “Double Motorcycle Crash Has The Most Badass Ending”

Bikers Against Child Abuse Stops At A Lemonade Stand

Bikers Against Child Abuse Stops At Lemonade Stand
Bikers Against Child Abuse Stops At Lemonade Stand – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

These little girls were in for a surprise when they heard the rumble of thunder after they set up their lemonade stand, but it wasn’t a thunderstorm, it was the motorcycle group B.A.C.A. – Bikers Against Child Abuse. The non-profit organization of bikers who make it their goal to “create a safer environment for abused children”. Continue reading “Bikers Against Child Abuse Stops At A Lemonade Stand”

First Ride On Harley Doesn’t Go So Well

First Harley Ride Doesn’t Go So Well – Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

At first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. We can’t stop watching this clip on replay, it’s just too damn funny. In the clip, a man takes his first ride on his brand new Harley, but he doesn’t quite make it to the road. It gives a whole new meaning to the saying “keep the shiny side up, rubber side down”. Continue reading “First Ride On Harley Doesn’t Go So Well”

Idiot Cager Runs Red Light, You Won’t Believe What He Does Next

Cager Runs A Red Light – Image Credit: – Screenshot

If you ride, this video clip will make you cringe! A poor Honda gets a pummeled after a car runs a red light. After running the red light, the car stops mid-mistake and tries to correct it by reversing right into a guy and his beloved motorcycle. Continue reading “Idiot Cager Runs Red Light, You Won’t Believe What He Does Next”

History Of The One Wheel Motorcycle – The Daring Monocycle

Swiss engineer Mr. Gerdes inside his monocycle circa 1931- Image Credit: Reddit

Here’s an old photograph of the very first one wheeled motorcycle, now known as the monocycle or monowheel. The monocycle in the photo above was designed and built in 1931 by a Swiss engineer named Mr. Gerdes and hit max a speed of 93 mph. Continue reading “History Of The One Wheel Motorcycle – The Daring Monocycle”

Amazing Airbag Suit Protects Biker During Wreck

D-Air Airbag Jacket Demonstration – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

The incredible air-bag technology from Dainese is a major game changer in protective motorcycle gear. The product D-Air was developed by the engineers at the Dainese Technology Center. It’s a protective air-bag jacket that automatically inflates as a rider and motorcycle disconnect. The inflatable jacket gives riders an extra protective layer, lessening the impact during a wreck, which could prevent severe injuries and save countless lives. Continue reading “Amazing Airbag Suit Protects Biker During Wreck”

This Footage From “Easy Rider” Will Give You Major Nostalgia

Easy Rider – Dennis Hopper as “Billy” and Peter Fonda as “Wyatt” – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Easy Rider is hands-down one of the coolest biker movies ever made with an even greater soundtrack. Check out the music video below for “The Weight” by The Band featuring classic footage from the motorcycle movie Easy Rider starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper. Continue reading “This Footage From “Easy Rider” Will Give You Major Nostalgia”

Women In The Wind: Riding The Tail Of The Dragon

Riding The Tail Of The Dragon – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

“A Woman’s View in Curves and Tail, Riding on the Tail of the Dragon, Women in the Wind. 318 turns in 11 miles. An adventure second to none.

Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains are a motorcycle riders dream and a challenge of skills that will test everything you ever knew about riding and then some. Two, three or four wheels, this course will make you want to kiss the ground when you are done. Continue reading “Women In The Wind: Riding The Tail Of The Dragon”

Female Harley Motorcycle Riders

Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot

“It’s about riding by rules, and riding without limits. It’s about fearing nothing, and feeling everything. It’s about a sense of community and the spirit of individualism.”  – Erin

In 2007, Erin realized that riding as a passenger on the back of her husband’s Harley wasn’t going to fully satisfy her appetite for freedom. She decided it was time to hop on her own set of two wheels and grab life by the throttle. She now shares the love for the open road and rides with her husband.

Erin was interviewed to share her story in this awesome short film created to empower more women to join in and ride their own. Check out Erin’s story in the video below. Continue reading “Female Harley Motorcycle Riders”

A Twinkling Christmas Motorcycle Ride

Lighted Motorcycle Ride – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Check out this incredible lighted motorcycle display brought to you from GWRRA Chapter of FL1-M of Clearwater, FL. The video was taken during Christmas 2011 as their way of saying “thank you” to their community to help raise funds for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. The illuminated bike decorating and lighted ride is a tradition that the group carries out every year. Continue reading “A Twinkling Christmas Motorcycle Ride”

“Please Come Home For Christmas” By The Eagles

Please Come Home For Christmas – Guitar Image Created by

“Please Come Home For Christmas” by the Eagles is such a great Christmas tune, one of our favorites here at It always gets me in the holiday spirit! To spread some holiday cheer, we’ve shared the lyrics and a video of the song below for those who may need a pick-me-up this holiday season. What is your favorite Christmas song? Tell us in the comments! Continue reading ““Please Come Home For Christmas” By The Eagles”

This Illuminated Motorcycle Christmas Display That Will Blow You Away

Illuminated Motorcycle Christmas Display

You’ll be blown away by this incredible illuminated motorcycle display put on by the GWRRA Chapter FL1-M out of Clearwater, Florida. They put it on for a great cause and to bring a bit of biker-holiday cheer to the central Florida area. Check out the description of their display and video below. Continue reading “This Illuminated Motorcycle Christmas Display That Will Blow You Away”

How To Decorate A Biker’s Christmas Tree (FUNNY)

How To Decorate A Biker’s Christmas Tree – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

This guy is too funny! He’ll show you how a biker decorates a Christmas tree using motorcycle parts. He’s actually got a few great ideas for chroming out your tree with redneck biker ornaments. Hang up your saddle bags cause bike Claus is coming to town! Continue reading “How To Decorate A Biker’s Christmas Tree (FUNNY)”

Harley Revs To The Tune Of “Silent Night” For Christmas

Harley-Davidson “The Sound of The Festive Season” – Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

Check out this cool Christmas greeting from Harley-Davidson titled “The Sound of The Festive Season”.

It’s rare that the words “Harley-Davidson” and “silent” are ever used in the same sentence, but the pipes on this Harley-Davidson are anything but silent in this version of the song “Silent Night”. Continue reading “Harley Revs To The Tune Of “Silent Night” For Christmas”

Why We Ride: A Female Warrior Shares Why She Rides A Motorcycle

Why We Ride – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

I just came across this beautiful video, it features footage from a beautiful sunset ride and a testimony of a female rider who shares the reason why she rides. She explains how riding motorcycles brings peace and calmness to her mind and how it drowns out the stress of everyday life. We all ride for many different reasons… do you ride for the same reasons as this female warrior? Continue reading “Why We Ride: A Female Warrior Shares Why She Rides A Motorcycle”

A Biker Christmas Cartoon

Christmas Biker Cartoon – Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

Just spreading some biker-Christmas cheer…

Here’s a funny Christmas cartoon that will get you in the holiday spirit. Santa finds comfort and joy while riding his bike with his reindeer brothers. He also takes his lady-rider “Christmas Carol” for a spin in the wind. Check out the funny Christmas cartoon below. Feel free to share this post with a fellow wind-lover. Happy Harley-Days! Continue reading “A Biker Christmas Cartoon”

“Mistress For Christmas” By AC/DC

Mistress For Christmas – AC/DC Christmas Tune – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Here’s a holiday tune from AC/DC that will get you in the mood… ahem… for the holidays, that is… Check out the video below, you’ll get an earful and an eyeful of holiday babes (the video may not be safe for work)! Also, we’ve provided the lyrics below so you can sing-a-long. Continue reading ““Mistress For Christmas” By AC/DC”

This Powerful Motorcycle PSA Will Leave You Speechless

2015-12-08 16_26_05-You didnt see me - YouTube
“You Didn’t See Me” PSA – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Ask any biker and they’ll tell you they’ve been in a situation on the road where a driver didn’t see them and many will tell you it’s the reason they’ve lost a fellow brother or sister on the road. Here’s a great motorcycle public service announcement from several years ago, but the message still reigns true. It was made to bring awareness to motorcyclists, a reminder to pay attention and watch for motorcycles. Continue reading “This Powerful Motorcycle PSA Will Leave You Speechless”