10 Badass Christmas Tattoos

Image Credit: Guff
Image Credit: Guff

We’re now just only a week away from Christmas, BON family! And what do we love second best to our motorcycles? That’s right, tattoos. So, in the spirit of Christmas, we’ve found and are sharing 10 of the most badass Christmas themed tattoos we could find. Some of the tattoos in this gallery are simply mind-blowing. The Grinch tattoo is a must see!

Some may think it’s frivolous to tattoo oneself with a holiday theme. Others, especially based on the photos in this phenomenal gallery, definitely disagree. And seriously, if we had one of these tatted on us, we might not find ourselves to be complaining about it! Bonus points if you can guess which one of our staff boasts a snowman calf-tattoo year round!

Waste no more time, check out 10 of the most badass Christmas tattoos in the gallery below. Tell us in the comments which tattoo is your favorite! Do you have a Christmas themed tattoo yourself? Share it with us right here at BON and we may feature you and your tattoo right here on the blog.


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new xmas tee


Beautiful David Mann tattoo by Xeno Tattooink at I.N.K. Studio