14 David Mann Illustrations To Celebrate His 75th Birthday

In Memory Of by David Mann
“In Memory Of” by David Mann

If you were fascinated with motorcycles growing up, you most likely grew up admiring David Mann’s illustrations in Easyriders Magazine. Today would have been David Mann’s 75th birthday.  To honor him on his day of birth, we’ve put together a photo gallery of some of his most iconic pieces of artwork. Learn more about him and his artwork below.

Mann was known for his incredible illustrations of biker culture. Although, he grew up in Kansas, he became infatuated with motorcycles while living in California during the 1960s. Mann later became a member of the El Forastero Motorcycle Club and a founding member of the Kansas City Charter. Mann’s artwork became increasingly popular after his work was the featured poster in the back of Easyriders motorcycle magazine. David Mann retired from Easyriders Magazine in 2003. He died one day after his 64th birthday on September 11th, 2004, but his spirit lives on through his artwork.

Check out 14 of David Mann’s incredible motorcycle art pieces:

'Bikers Rule The World' by David Mann

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'Final Destination Sturgis' by Michael Knepper