20 Mind Blowing Custom Painted Motorcycles

Flag & Eagle Tank – Photo Source: Pinterest

Just as tattoos are a way of expressing one’s self, the art of customizing a motorcycle is the same for a biker. Some riders appreciate the simplicity and beauty of the motorcycle alone, but there are others who take pride in decorating their bike’s gas tank, fenders, and even their helmet to match.

Many riders choose to enhance the look of their bike with a custom paint job, covering the fuel tank with themed airbrushed artwork. To celebrate the artistry of custom motorcycle paint, we’ve gathered a few of the coolest airbrushed bikes for your viewing pleasure.  The scoots featured in this gallery are wildly decorated with skulls, flames, Reapers, pin-ups, and more.

Some call it art, some call it downright flashy. Do you prefer your two-wheels to have a decked out tank or a simple paint job?

Flip these 20 mind-blowing airbrushed motorcycles:

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