2017 Triumph Street Triple Series Television Commercial

2017 Triumph Street Triple RS Image Credit: Triumph Motorcycles
2017 Triumph Street Triple RS
Image Credit: Triumph Motorcycles

2017 is a big year for Triumph Motorcycles – they’ve release three brand new motorcycle models in a series they’re calling the Street Triple. The series consists of the Street Triple S, the Street Triple R, and the Street Triple RS. They all feature a 765 CC triple engine with 121 units of horsepower. The street will never be the same again with these three badboys racing down it – all have their own unique stylings and are helping Triumph owners find newer, faster roads.

Is this Triumph’s foot in the door to manufacturing popular street bikes? For decades, Triumph has been neck in neck with Harley Davidson to create some of the best traditional motorcycles and street bobs. However, today Triumph is charting into waters that Harley Davidson has yet to enter into with their street bike series. For a few years now, Triumph has dabbled in the art of street bikes – is this the year they’re going to make the breakthrough?

Watch the official television commercial for the 2017 Triumph Street Triple street bike series below, and tell us in the comments how you feel about street bikes being made by one of the most popular motorcycle manufacturers in the world today. Would you like to see Harley Davidson follow Triumph into the world of street bikes, or are you totally against street bikes altogether? Triumph estimates the Street Triple S will be available worldwide by mid-year 2017.

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