4 Engine Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

4 Engine Harley-Davidson – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

If you enjoy the fine craftsmanship of an over-the-top modified motorcycle, you’ll have to check out this 4 engine Harley-Davidson motorcycle. It was spotted at the Las Vegas Super Run Car Show on a trailer of a 1927 Ford Model T Roadster named “Double Trouble”.

The hot rod and the motorcycle were built by Gordon Tronson. With the four engines together, the motorcycle puts out a total of 400 horsepower! The hot rod is also decked out with 2 V8’s and 4 blowers. The hot rod was featured on the television show Counting Cars. Although we’re dying to hear the rumble of this motorcycle, unfortunately, we’re not able to hear the Harley roar in the video, but you’ll be able to check out all the fine details with your eyes.

This motorcycle is probably mostly for show, as you can see it’s on the back of a trailer, but it’s still an incredible piece of craftsmanship. What do you think about this modified Harley? Some commenters on YouTube are calling it “a waste of time and money” or “ridiculous”. What do you think?

Check out the insanely modified Harley-Davidson below:

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