5 Fun Harley-Davidson Facts – Q&A

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

As a Harley-Davidson enthusiast, you may think you know everything there is to know about the American motorcycle manufacturer. Today, we’re here to put that knowledge to the test – we’re hosting a Harley-Davidson Q&A – and we’d like you to see how many of the 5 Harley-Davidson facts below that you can get right.


Q: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles were called by what nickname in the year 1920?

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A: If you guessed “Hogs”, you are right! The nickname is still widely used today to refer to a motorcycle, but it originated as a result of Harley-Davidson’s 1920 racing team mascot – the pig. After each racing victory, the driver would hoist a pig up onto the gas tank of his motorcycle, or hog, and drive a victory lap with the animal. 


Q: How did Harley-Davidson get its iconic name?

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A: If your answer was from 3 brothers and a friend of theirs, you are right. The company is named after it’s four creators – brothers Arthur, William and Walter Davidson and their friend, William Harley. In the year 1901, the four men decided to motorize a bicycle, and the first Harley-Davidson was born.


Q: Where was the site of the first ever Harley-Davidson manufacturing plant, and what year did it first open?

A: Did you guess Juneau Avenue in Milwaukee, WI in 1906? It only took William Harley and the three Davidson brothers 5 years to assemble their very first Harley-Davidson manufacturing facility after birthing their first motorcycle concept in 1901.


Q: What year did Harley-Davidson patent their “Bar and Shield” logo that we know and love today?

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A: Did you say 1950? If you did, then you would be wrong. In 1911, the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company forged their patent on what we now know as their iconic Bar and Shield logo. The logo has been the symbol of Harley-Davidson for over 100 years.


Q: How many Harley-Davidson Motorcycles were used during World War I?  

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A: This answer may comes as a surprise to you – because we’d not think of our favorite American pasttime as being an effective tool of war – but back in 1917 at the start of World War I, Harley-Davidson supported the fight by supplying the Army with 20,000 motorcycles. 

So, how many of these did you get right, BON family? Check out 10 more Harley-Davidson facts in the video below, and share your Harley-Davidson knowledge with us in the comments section below that!




Image Credit: JustACarGuy
Image Credit: JustACarGuy