5 Songs To Jam Out To While Cruising On Your Motorcycle

Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest

Guys, Spring is coming! I know, I know, not soon enough. But seriously, it’ll be here before we know it, so why not spend the time now – while we’re not getting out to ride the bike daily – to get ready for when we can finally de-garage the bike and get to riding! There’s really only 6 or 7 weekends left until Spring, so I thought today, we’d get our plans for the road going, with 5 songs to jam out to while cruising on the bike. Check the list out below.

1 – “Freewheel Burning” by Judas Priest

Hailed as the best heavy metal ever, this song will get your adrenaline pumping and your two wheels moving faster than they ever have!

2 – “Bat Out Of Hell” by Meatloaf

Not only will this song take you back to your early riding days, it’ll take you and your motorcycle down any roads you happen to find!

3 – “Motorcycle Mama” by Neil Young

This classic will have you wishing your old lady was on the back of the bike with you, as you take on new roads and find new destinations this summer!

4 – “Ballad of Easy Rider” by Roger McGuinn

This infamous tune will have you remembering why you chose the freedom of the open road and two wheels to take you down it.

5 – “Born To Be Wild” by Steppenwolf 

This song is the poster child for all motorcycle songs. You can’t have a motorcycle themed music list without including it, that’s against all of the laws. You know you were born to be wild – that’s why 2 wheels move your soul.

Tell us in the comments section below what other songs you’d add to your list of cruising tunes!




Image Credit: GoodSparkGarage
Image Credit: GoodSparkGarage