5 Tips On How To Beat The Motorcycle Winter Blues

Image Credit: BON
Image Credit: BON

Guys, it’s only January. And not all of us are lucky enough to live in a climate that sees warm temperatures and little to no snow all winter long. Do you know what that means? Of course you do. It means that we’re knee-deep in the middle of motorcycle winter blues season, and it’s ok to admit it, or even whine about it a bit – it sucks. Depending on where you live, you have easily another 2 to 4 months before riding season begins again. So today, we’re going to offer you some help on how to make that time pass faster, and beat those motorcycle winter blues.

1. Insulate your garage and create an awesome space where you can spend some warm and serious one-on-one time with your bike.

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Insulating a garage door is an easy and cost-effective DIY home project. For two 9-foot doors, the cost runs roughly around $200. The installation project will give you something to do to keep busy in the free time you now have, since it’s too cold and too snowy to take the bike out. Owens Corning tells you just how it’s done in this informative video.

2. DIY a custom motorcycle table for your freshly insulated garage.

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Building a do-it-yourself custom motorcycle table for the garage is a great way to keep your idle motorcycle-wanting hands busy when it’s too nasty outside to ride the bike. It’ll give you a life-long way of maintaining and upgrading your bike, and it’ll look sweet in that garage that you just insulated. YouTuber Bike Bandit will tell you how a diy motorcycle table is done, in the video below.

3. Spend an afternoon watching motorcycle movies.

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Movies are a time consuming thing. And really, when the weather is too crappy to even want to look outside, nonetheless actually go out there, what else do you have to do other than hop in the recliner (that has your custom butt-print in it) and wipe out some movies. So why not make them motorcycle movies, to help you cope with missing the time you once had on your bike…in the sun…when it wasn’t negative 20 degrees outside. YouTuber Ipswich Town Talk counts down the top 5 biker movies in the video below. If you don’t like any of those, at least there’s still Wild Hogs to watch a couple of times in a row.

4. Buy yourself a new motorcycle tee (or two, or three…)!

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This t-shirt is available exclusively on SkullSociety.com, a magical place where it’s about motorcycles all day, every day. Skull Society has everything you’d ever need to cure those motorcycle winter blues – hoodies, tees, tanks, jewelry, and so much more. See what other Skull Society tees are available in the video below, and stock up on everything you need for this year’s upcoming motorcycle seasonĀ from the coolest motorcycle merchandise shop online.

Biker T-shirts – Born to ride, forced to work! So true… | Facebook

Born to ride, forced to work! So true…

5. Submerge yourself in motorcycle-related reading and media materials.

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Reading magazines is another time consuming activity – and there are tons and tons of motorcycle publications out there for you to get your hands on. There’s also several different moto-blogs online, YouTube channels filled with a whole plethora of motorcycle knowledge, fails, wins, and how-to’s, and motorcycle forums you can use to bitch back and forth about the weather with other riders suffering from the winter blues. And remember, you’re always welcome here at BONĀ – stay as long as you need to feel better about winter! See exclusive video from BON’s YouTube, right below.

Do you have any other methods for fighting and beating the motorcycle winter blues? Share them with us in the comments section below! Here at BON, we’re hoping you can use this list to make it through until Spring!




Image Credit: BON
Image Credit: BON