5 Tips To Create The Ultimate Motorcycle Road Trip

Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest

It is summer, and summer is definitely the season for travel. Admit it, you’ve always wanted to jump on the Harley and just go wherever the road may lead you, and that idea is very possible, especially with the 5 tips we’re about to give you to create the ultimate motorcycle road trip. It’ll be the time of your life, if you do it right.

1. Choose your travel companions wisely.

A road trip with an inexperienced biker, or someone who complains all the time is not going to be a recipe for fun. Pick travel companions that are as enthused and committed to the ride as you are, and you’ll be guaranteed to have the ultimate trip on your bike.

2. Pick at least one place you’ve always wanted to see.

Yeah, taking the open road to an unknown destination seems fun, however you’ll want to pick at least one great destination to see along the way. Personally, I’ve always wanted to ride the full length of the Historic US Route 66 – choose something that’ll make a great story for you to tell your grandkids years down the road.

3. Only take items you’ll absolutely need for the trip.

An overloaded motorcycle will make the trip seriously difficult to take. Motorcycles come with limited space for baggage or luggage, so make sure you only take what you absolutely need for the trip. On the plus side, if you miss any necessities, I’m sure there will be plenty of places along the way to stop and stock up.

4. Be mindful of the size of your travel group.

Just like necessities, too many people will make for a complicated trip. The more people involved, the more there will be to keep track of. Remember, you’re vacationing, not committing to be a tour guide. Choose a smaller group to ride with, and the road will always be smooth.

5. Make sure your motorcycle is in good working order.

Break downs and mechanical issues can be a recipe for disaster on any trip, whether you’re in a car or riding the open road on a motorcycle. The most important thing to do to prepare for your trip is to take care of your bike. Afterall, it will be your only mode of transportation for as long as you’re on the road. Make certain your fluids are fresh and full, your tires are properly inflated, and your chain slack is adjusted properly and fully lubricated. Also ensure that your insurance and registration is current and valid, just in case you happen to get stopped on the way.

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll have the motorcycle road trip of a lifetime! Check out this how-to video on preparing for a motorcycle road trip below, and tell us in the comments if you’ve ever hopped on the bike for a long, relaxing road trip!


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