5 Ways To Meet Other Motorcyclists

Image Credit: IHA
Image Credit: IHA

Guys, there’s a ton of us motorcyclists in this world. Are you looking to meet people that share the same interest and enthusiasm about motorcycles that you do? Do you want to expand on your motorcycle family and include new people into your circle? If you do, then this post was made for you – because today at BON, we’re sharing with you, 5 of the most successful ways to meet other motorcyclists. If you’re just wanting some new friends, maybe a romantic interest or two, or just someone to ride with, then this is definitely something you want to read.

1. Take Your Helmet Everywhere You Go

The easiest way to be spotted as a motorcyclist yourself is to have your helmet with you at all times – even if its just in for a quick trip at the grocery store! Your helmet is a great excuse to use for a conversation starter, few riders can resist the invitation of a helmet dangling by it’s chinstrap from your fingers without blurting out, “Hey, nice helmet! What do ya ride?” – and we’re sure you can have an hours long conversation with any other motorcyclists about your bikes.

2. Go Camping – With Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle trips are quickly becoming a must-do for all riders. And if you’ve been on a long trip with the motorcycle, well, you know what a numb butt feels like. Any other riders who are brave enough to take to the vast open roads will come flocking to your campfire when their butt’s gone numb and they’re miles and miles from the nearest hotel. So pop the tent, get a fire started, and welcome some new members to your motorcycle family!

3. Take To The Internet

The internet – specifically social media – is a fool proof way to network with other bikers. Facebook alone has thousands of biker community pages that will help you find those that share your interests. Try finding some local community groups or biker groups on social media, and soon you’ll be meeting other bikers faster than you ever imagined you would. People are always setting up biker meets and events through social media – don’t miss your chance to join in on the fun!

4. Attend A Biker Rally

Few things attracts more bikers than a biker rally. Usually, biker rally’s are week long parties, where you can meet and mingle with other bikers, grab some delicious grub, have a beer with your new biker friends, and catch some pretty rocking concerts. We’re always announcing the best biker rally’s right here at BON, so keep your eye out for them right here on the blog. We’ll tell you where you can go to meet new bikers all summer long!

5. Participate In A Motorcycle Run For Charity

Again, any event that attracts a large number of bikers will greatly increase your odds of meeting some new biker friends. You can’t go wrong when you’re surrounded by hundreds of people who can talk motorcycles all day long. And as a bonus, a motorcycle charity run will help others outside of the motorcycle community, so attending one is a win-win!

Tell us in the comments section below if you have any more tips and tricks for meeting other bikers! Have you ever gone out of your way to introduce yourself to another biker? Tell us how it went!

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Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest