8 Year Old Does Donuts On His Harley-Davidson Power Wheels Motorcycle

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Thanks to his parents, this young rider is getting a head start on learning how to ride a Harley. Ok, maybe it’s not exactly a full powered V-twin engine Harley-Davidson, but it’s a modified Power Wheels Harley-Davidson Motorcycle made by Fisher-Price. Do you know a kiddo that would flip over one of these?

This kid just received his first set of two-wheels and he is already begging for more speed. To give the motorcycle more power, his father juiced up his son’s Power Wheels Harley-Davidson Motorcycle from a standard 6-volt battery to a 24-volt battery. Now, this little guy is sliding, drifting, and doing donuts all over the place! It’s probably the cutest thing you’ll see all day. I’m not exactly sure what David is shouting about, but he sure looks like he’s having a good time catching some wind.

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Watch the video below:

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