8 Year Old Girl Shreds Heavy Metal Guitar Cover

2016-02-08 15_25_47-RACER X _Scarified_ Cover _ Li-sa-X (Japanese 8 year old girl) - YouTube
Li-sa-X Shreds Heavy Metal Guitar – Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

How many eight year olds do you know that can rock this hard?

We’re blown away by the talent this girl has, she’s got mad guitar skills. Li-sa-X is a 10 year old guitar prodigy from Japan. Her YouTube Channel Li-sa-X (Official), which has over 27,000 subscribers, features several videos of her shredding electric guitar as early as 7 years old.

In the video below, Li-sa-X covers the heavy metal song “Scarified” by Racer X at age 8. Her cover has had over 4 million views, once you watch it, you’ll understand why.

This video is mind-blowing… I can’t even imagine how great she’ll be when she’s older.

Check out the awesome cover video here:

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