Actress Carrie Fisher, Aged 60, Passes Away After Short Illness

Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest

Carrie Fisher was the iconic Princess Leia, from the unforgettable Star Wars Trilogy – she was solely responsible for the fantasies of all men, young and old, thanks to that role. Today, we’re sharing the sad news that she has passed away. Last week, the popular actress was hospitalized after a cardiac episode while travelling on a plane, and today, 12/27/2016, she became the fourth celebrity in less than two weeks to pass away from a cardiac-related illness.

Born Carrie Frances Fisher, she was not only our Princess Leia, but she was a screenwriter, author, producer, and speaker. She was a strict advocate for mental health, due to her own diagnosis of bipolar disorder, as well as her addictions to cocaine and prescription medication. In her 2016 autobiography, The Princess Diarist, Fisher alleged that she and Star Wars co-star Harrison Ford had a three-month affair during the filming of the movie in 1976.

We managed to dig up a video, made by an avid motorcyclist, who just happens to be a huge Carrie Fisher fan. Jeffrey Clear met Carrie Fisher after she invited him onstage and backstage at the Royal Alexandria Theatre – and as a thank you, he made this video, inviting her to take a motorcycle ride with him someday. We don’t know if she ever accepted the invite, but we’re sharing that video here with you today, to remember the actress and honor the impact she had on the lives of her fans.

Leave your thoughts for her family, friends, and fans below. Jeffrey, here at BON, we are sorry to hear of the loss of someone who was once so gracious and generous to you.