Badass Little Kid Rocks A Mini Motorcycle

Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot

The parents of this little dude could totally get away with saying that their kid is cooler than your kid. Hell, their kid is cooler than my kid, I’ll admit it! I was cruising Facebook when I came across this video, shared by Roadster Magazine, and really thought it would be perfect to share with my BON family. If you’ve got kids, you know the importance of starting the motorcycle lifestyle with them at a young age. The sooner one loves motorcycles, the longer they get to enjoy all the amazing things motorcycles bring to their lives.

Not only does the little dude in the video have the right gear game going – he’s got the helmet, the glasses, the leather jacket – but he keeps a serious eye on the road (well, sidewalk, lol) ahead, and a firm grip on the handlebars. Even if his little mini bike has training wheels, he does an awesome job balancing and keeping the ride going smooth. And seriously, the sound of that bike puts some of the bikes in my neighborhood to shame.

Check out the badass little guy riding his mini bike in the video below, and tell us in the comments if your kids and/or grandkids have mini bikes of their own! Do you think that having a mini at a young age helps children to grow into bonafide bikers when they get older? Do you think it helps to teach them the responsibility and the way of the road?

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