Beautiful Motorcycle Ride On The Highest Paved Road in North America

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Mt. Evans Scenic Byway – Evergreen, Colorado – The Highest Paved Road in North America – 14,130 feet

Robert Merz of Dry Rock Studios runs an amazing YouTube channel featuring the most beautiful scenic rides from the seat of a motorcycle. As part of his  motorcycle ride series “Epic Rides”, Robert films his 36 day Western America Motorcycle Tour. Part of his trip includes riding through Idaho Springs, Colorado (8,700 ft) to the top Mt. Evans Scenic Byway (14,130), the highest paved road in North America, and then on to Evergreen, Colorado. Check out his awesome footage to see the incredible views, rock formations, and wildlife Colorado has to offer. If this doesn’t put you in the mood to ride, I don’t know what will.

It’s really neat to watch the weather change through out the video as they climb higher. It’s all blue skies and then around 11:00 mins in the clouds start to get dark and ugly. At about 15:10 mins you can catch them riding right towards lightning strikes (nerve wracking).

Watch Robert’s scenic ride to Mt. Evans Scenic Byway:

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