Biker Honors Wife With A Touching Memorial Service

Biker Honors Wife With Special Memorial Service – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

A touching memorial service for a fallen sister proves there’s no better way to honor a brother or sister.

Andy McCarron lost his wife Tammie Knight McCarron in 2015. To honor his wife Tammy, Andy requested to have a special ceremony at the Fowlerville Easyrider Rodeo.

As a symbol of reverence and respect for Tammy, the service director presents Andy with his boot spur. The director explains that the tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, as medieval Knights would remove one spur to pay respects and honor those who fell during battle.

“The significance of this is, that it was the man’s spurs that signified he was a Knight, it was not his horse and sword nor his armor, and no matter what hardships a Knight would indore, he would part with anything and everything before he would part with his spurs.”

This great tradition has begun to carry on to the motorcycle community, riders can be seen wearing spurs to honor the loss of the fallen brothers and sisters that no longer rides next to them.

The service director was honored to be invited back to do a special ceremony for Andy’s wife Tammy.

“We are no longer friends Andy, we’re brothers, because that’s one thing that the motorcycle community promotes is the brotherhood and the sisterhood. Where you are always there, and that’s what it takes. Sometimes it’s money and sometimes it’s time, but what you do is you give your friends and your family both.”

In the distance, the skies turned darker and lightning struck. Motorcycle engines roared, friends and family gathered around Andy to give him hugs and pay their respects. Tammy took her final ride in a motorcycle hearse made by Hometown Hearse Co., there could not have been a lovelier farewell.

This special moment was captured in memory of Tammie Knight McCarron 10/10/61 to 5/20/15.

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