Biker Is Fed Up With Drivers Talking On Their Cell Phones

Biker Is Fed Up With Drivers Talking On Their Cell Phones – Motorcycle Safety Advice – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

The road can be an extremely hazardous place for a biker, especially with more people texting and driving on the road. As a biker you’ve got to stay fully aware and know the rules of the road. We’ve learned a few things from this old video clip from a rider who’s fed up with drivers talking on their cell phones. This footage may be 9 years old, but it’s still relevant today. In this episode of Itchymoche’s Ride Hard Die Free, Itchy gives a few tips to help you ride a little safer on the road Check out the video below.

Itchy’s 5 Tips for The Road

  1. Always look ahead. Be a defensive and preemptive rider to try and avoid danger.
  2. Use foot brake and handbrake.
  3. Ride in the middle of the road, but stay in the left hand part of the lane. In the middle of the road, you are more likely to be seen and you’ve got more reaction time. Stay to the left side of the lane to avoid the slick oil, loose gravel, and grit built up in the middle of the lane.
  4. Use hand signals to let people know what you are doing on the road.
  5. When you are riding with your buddies, point out objects on the road.

Do you have any tips to add to the list? Leave your tips in the comments below. Feel free to share this video with any new fellow riders.

Video Credit: Itchymoche YouTube Channel


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