Biker Keeps His Cool After Road Rager Flips Out

Angry Road Rager – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

During a Sunday joy ride, two motorcyclists are confronted by a raging driver who can’t handle his cool.

Here’s the story: According to the video, the riders were sitting at a red light when the light turns green and they begin to take off. One rider notices the Suzuki behind him blowing the horn. Confused as to why the driver was honking, he assumes that the driver was trying to warn him about something so he moves over and the Suzuki cuts in front of them to pass them.

At the next stop light, the biker pulls up next to the SUV and asks the driver “is everything okay?”, but before the biker could even get a word in, the driver jumps out of the car and blows up on the guy for “taking his time” at the stop light. The biker stays completely calm and collected even after the driver flips him the bird and drives off. The rider admits that he made the mistake of making contact with the driver a second time.

We’re just taking the rider’s word for what actually happened because the light situation happened while the camera was off. Do you think this rider did anything wrong? Do you think you would have been able to keep your cool in a situation like this? Would you have handled this situation differently? Let us know in the comments.

Check out the insane road rage video below:

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