Biker Rescues a Jack Russell Pup On His Travels

Biker Rescues Jack Russell Terrier Dog On Motorcycle Ride
Jack Russell Terrier Named “Bella” – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

We love it when we find videos of bikers with big hearts! While riding around enjoying the beautiful roads of Scotland, a biker spots a lost Jack Russell Terrier dog on the side of the road. This adorable doggie doesn’t waste any time warming up to the rider and his motorcycle. It’s so sweet when the rider starts to ride away and she starts to follow him, almost like she’s saying “I wanna ride!”. How could you leave anything so sweet behind?

After checking her collar, he found out her name was “Bella” and was able to contact the number on her rightful owners. Thank goodness her owners were responsible enough to keep her collar updated with correct contact information, otherwise, this little doggie may not have found it’s way home after her big adventure.

Check out the heartwarming video of Bella and the biker below. (Be sure to turn up the volume, it’s sweet, you can hear him talking to the pup)

Have you ever rescued a lost animal while you were out riding? Share your story in the comments below.

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