Biker Yells At Woman In Traffic For All The Right Reasons

Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot

Every day we hear horror stories of drivers cutting bikers off in traffic. The roads are the most dangerous for those travelling on two wheels instead of four, and why? Because drivers behind the steering wheel of a car do not see them, plain and simple. The woman in today’s video sets an example of herself, when she decides to prove exactly why drivers don’t notice bikers on the road. He revvs his bike to get her attention, then he totally lets loose on her!

Statistically, 1.6 millions crashes on America’s roadways annually are caused by drivers who think they are skilled enough to text while driving. There are no statistics to prove how many of those crashes involve motorcyclists, however, over 33,000 injuries occur because of it, and one out of every four crashes happens because someone behind the wheel couldn’t wait to send a text message.

Watch the video below – of biker Cody Hendricks – who noticed a driver who was texting while driving, and then yells at her for all the right reasons. The video was shared by Biker Brotherhood on Facebook. He’s right – that phone is not more important than his life, nor is it more important than the lives of all the other drivers on the road. Tell us in the comments if you would have done the same thing that┬áCody did!

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Boom! And that’s how you do it


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