BikerOrNot Rankings Removed

Today we decided to end the ranking and stats displayed on user profiles. This was kind of a cool feature when BON had around 20,000 members. Now with close to 300,000 members it does not seem relevant.

The hardest part about the Rankings was creating the algorithm to generate the list. This formula had to be kept a secret otherwise people would try and game the system to get to the top of the list. Worse than that, when we changed the process it caused mass confusion and hurt member’s feelings.

Below is a screen of the rankings as they stood before we removed them today.

— James


  1. I am quite disappointed. Bon removed the rankings/ratings and times viewed. This was not to be able to tell if people were visiting your profile or not. It took me all night to experiment and look for a reason why mine disappeared since I did not receive and answer to me email about this. They could have at least generated an email or Bon notice to let us know why instead of making me search all night until finally I decideed to blow to find out why.
    Gary Willens/Los Angeles.

    This is as bad as Ebay only letting you purchase from their site if you have PayPal. I don’t use any cards on line and after hundred and hundreds of purchased they have made it so I can no longer use their site. What was wrong with money orders to pay for items?
    Best of nice wishes to all reading this. Gary Willens

  2. The view count is a good selling point because we can judge what changes in our profiles evoke interest. I never cared about rankings. How effective my profile was (and is), now that is downright useful.

  3. I would like the view count to remain. It’s a useful tool for members. They could even make it optional if someone didn’t care about having it displayed. I would also like to know what happened to using the BON dollars for putting your profile on the main page.

  4. Bring back the stats!!!! Thought it was very helpful in letting you know if your profile was being viewed… WE WANT IT BACK!!!!!

  5. What happened to using Bon $$$ and being able to get your profile on Main page .

    I like being on the home page…”This Sucks”

  6. I kind of liked knowing how much the membership grew in a short time,this is an indicator of BON’s popularity as a social network worldwide. If BON actually reads these comment strings they will restore view #’s and stats.

  7. I too am disappointed that you took away the ranking and the times viewed…also not happy that you took away the ability to put your photo on the sign in page using the bon bucks…And I also agree that someone could have sent out an email in regards to this. Or maybe even how about sending out “polls” on changes before you make them…after all this is OUR site isn’t it? Don’t you think that maybe your members should have a say in what happens to our site?

  8. What is with this??? I have message from a tigers4me but cant get it out and cant get it with search,do i have to subscribe after all??? Then dont send me any if i cant use the site, damn man well FTW been ridin cool old classic hogs all my life, even my old flathead did give this much trouble????

  9. how come the site keeps telling me i have the wrong email or password. Whats happened to this site??????

  10. HELP!!!
    I am hoping ya’ll read and maybe just maybe respond to issues.
    Just exactly whats up with the site today??
    Cant: get/send/comment or read my own info!!
    Only thing I can do is post what I’m doin.

    ALso why all the sudden do I have to enter my email and password EVERY TIME I log in?
    FRUSTRATING is an understatement!

  11. The new member section is not working and the site will not remember my login/password. Have to login everytime I get onto BON.

  12. Hi there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects? Thanks!

  13. I have come back to your site numerous times. The other articles are very captivating and note worthy. I decided to signup for your rss feed, so I can keep up to date of your recent posts.

  14. Hi im anastasa,and love this sight,i have met soo many awesome people thanx to you,i was wondering, ,how can i get my picture on your main page were u have to log in .thanx again for this awesome sight

  15. i was takin off bon lov the site made good freinds i didnt ever know i pic was not ok didnt recive any warning called a nice man ask him to help me see what not to put on bon explaned i love this site and would never brake rules hopeing u can back to me asap so i can talk again the the freinds i have made was told the pic or pics would be sent to me still waiting i well be glad to deleate any if u deeamn inapropreate i really was told sexy pics ok no nuded and no nippels must have panties on sorry if i was told wrong please help me get back on i love this site and well respect the rules just need know them and didnt get any warning sencery yours angel

  16. i dont like the way its laid out. its just odd the way you have to look for the page you want on your profile. before it was there when you clicked on your profile. just confusing

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