BikerOrNot Updates. Introducing the ‘Empty Back Seat’

BikerOrNot Members,

Earlier today we made some updates to BikerOrNot.

Don’t worry! We did not take anything away this time. We are now in the mode of adding features.

I would like to share with you some of the changes and get your feedback.

The most important change that I would like to summarize is to the Relationship Status settings.

To make things simpler all members are categorized as either Single or In A Relationship. Then, as an option, you can further classify your Relationship Status as Married, Complicated, Divorced or Widow(er). Similarly, if you are Single you can classify yourself as Complicated, Divorced or Widow(er). Again, this additional classification is completely optional.

Another change to your classification, and one that many have requested, is the ability to set a ‘Backseat Status.’ If you own a bike you can declare yourself as someone having an empty back seat and actively looking for someone to ride on the back of your bike. This will allow those looking to fill a back seat the ability to search for members who have an empty back seat. Similarly, you will be able to search for members that are looking for a back seat.

For example:
You are a guy and own a bike and have an empty back seat that you want to offer to a lady. You can narrow your search to women looking for an empty back seat. Or, if you are a lady looking for a back seat you can search for guys that have an empty back seat on offer.

Eventually this system will be integrated with events and will benefit those that want to attend and event but do not have a ride!

All of these settings are optional but will help define what you are trying to get out of using BON.

So, it’s crucial that you update your Profile Settings NOW.

This should take no more than a few minutes: (<—- Click here to update your Profile Setting)

— James