BREAKING NEWS: Full Throttle Saloon Catches Fire

Full Throttle Saloon Fire – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

Sturgis, South Dakota – Sturgis Volunteer Fire Department spent several hours battling a fire at the Full Throttle Saloon early Tuesday morning. Crews battled the blazes until 3 a.m., reports are saying the structure is a “total loss”. The cause of the fire is still unknown and is under investigation. No injuries have been reported. Footage from the fire has been uploaded to YouTube, check out the footage below.

Full Throttle Saloon is also known as the “world’s largest biker bar”, it’s THE place to party during the legendary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The bar is the set for it’s reality TV series titled “Full Throttle Saloon” on TruTV. The establishment is owned by Michael Ballard and is located on Highway 34 in Sturgis, South Dakota.

Full Throttle Saloon – Photo Credit:
Cast of Full Throttle Saloon – Photo Source:

Watch footage from the Full Throttle Saloon fire:

Video Credit: Ever net

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