Bride Left In Tears After Fiancee Is Killed In Motorcycle Accident

Image Credit: Fox4KC TV
Image Credit: Fox4KC TV

Brandilyn Spiva of Independence, MO is living a wife’s worst nightmare. She was set to wed her fiancee, 31 year old Gabriel Spiva, when a tragic motorcycle crash took his life just hours before their wedding. That Friday night, Gabriel celebrated with friends and family at his bachelor party, and early on Saturday, mere hours before he was to say his I do’s, he lost his life in the tragic accident.

“I keep asking God why he took him [Gabriel] from me. I was laying in bed, because I couldn’t fall asleep, because I was so excited for our wedding…”

Brandilyn says. Just after midnight on Saturday, she got the call from Gabriel’s mom, Doris Simpson, that Gabriel was gone, and says that she lost it. She just kept repeating “this can’t be real.” Doris says,

“He was really into bikes that went fast. That’s what he loved, loved to go fast. Police told us that Gabriel was on his motorcycle going very fast, a car pulled out in front of him, and he had to swerve, and he lost control, and went into a slide, and hit a parked car.”

Gabriel and Brandilyn had been a couple for 17 years prior to their wedding. They had just received their marriage license and they were finally tying the knot. They were supposed to meet at 11 a.m. Saturday to exchange their vows – less than 12 hours after Gabriel’s fatal crash.

Watch the complete news story from Fox4KC TV on the accident below, and leave your condolences in the comments for Brandilyn.


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Image Credit: ianstock
Image Credit: ianstock