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7 Musicians That You Didn’t Know Rode Motorcycles

There’s something about playing guitars and riding motorcycles that seems to go hand in hand. Over the years there have been several incredible musicians who’ve enjoyed the freedom of riding a motorcycle on the open road.

Alice Cooper on Motorcycle – Photo Credit: Pinterest

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Rat Chopper with Air Suspension


If you’re a big fan of rat bikes, here’s one that will blow you away! This rat chopper was spotted at the Oldsmar Florida Freedom Fest Bike Show. Continue reading “Rat Chopper with Air Suspension”

6 Year Old Rides His Dad’s Harley

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Here’s a video that’s causing a lot of controversy. A man filmed a motorcycle ride with his 6-year-old son as he allowed the boy to take over the throttle and steer the bike. Continue reading “6 Year Old Rides His Dad’s Harley”