Celebrate National Beer Day With These Tiny Beer Cap Motorcycles [PHOTOS]

Image Credit: Pamela Smith - Beer Cap Motorcycles (Facebook)
Image Credit: Pamela Smith – Beer Cap Motorcycles (Facebook)

Guys! It’s April 7th, and do you know what that means? It’s National Beer Day! Cheers! Celebrate the day with your favorite brew, and this awesome BON post, because we’re celebrating the day with a photo gallery of tiny beer cap motorcycles. You read that right. There’s an awesome lady named Pamela Smith, who owns and operates Beer Cap Motorcycles, a business out of De Soto, MO. She creates motorcycle models, by hand, out of actual beer caps, and sells them for $15.00/EA or as a pair of two for $20.00.

We truly can’t think of a better way to pay tribute to National Beer Day than to sit back with a beer and enjoy Pamela’s work. Her Beer Cap Motorcycles are hand built from your favorite beverage bottle cap, and she can even customize them with your specific designs. The motorcycle models are roughly the size of a dollar bill, and make an amazing addition to every motorcycle enthusiast’s collection! Can you imagine outfitting your garage with dozens of these awesome little motorcycles? Hell yeah!

So grab a beer, BON friends and family, and get ready to check out Beer Cap Motorcycles in honor of National Beer Day! Raise a glass to the amazing Pamela Smith – without her, we wouldn’t be celebrating the day with something so cool as her motorcycle creations! Tell us in the comments if you just have to have one of her Beer Cap Motorcycles! Have a safe and happy National Beer Day!


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Image Credit: Pamela Smith - Beer Cap Motorcycles (Facebook)

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