Crazy Harley Davidson Nitrous Explosion

HD Nitrous Explosion – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

Nitrous backfires on a Harley-Davidson at the Wyotec Brute Horsepower Shootout in Daytona Beach FL.

The owner of this bike literally turns into Ghost Rider for a few seconds… Luckily, the owner and the bike were unharmed during the explosion. It also didn’t stop the owner from walking away in first place. It’s now the 12-time undefeated winner of the 2011 Wyotec Brute Horsepower Shootout.

Check out the video of the crazy explosion below! You’ll be blown away that the rider walked away without even singeing his beard. Have you ever had a close call like this? Tell us your story in the comments.

This is why I don’t sell wet nitrous systems to the public. Dry nitrous won’t do this. I changed the spark plugs earlier that day. I couldn’t find the ones that I normally use, so I purchased cheaper ones. Big mistake! The bike spun the tires and wouldn’t hook up on the first run. It gave a warning pop on the second run, but I went for it anyway. Incredibly, neither the bike or I were harmed. Just a toasty air filter. I still won first place with 130+ HP!” – YouTube Video Text

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