Crazy Reverse Trike Rat Bike Will Make You Dizzy

Rat Rod Trike Burnout & Donuts – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

Okay… who let the crazy rat rod out of its cage? This guy is having way too much fun way on this rat rod trike.

Check out the clip below of this incredible build by Dennis Hom. This reverse rad rod trike will make you dizzy with all of it’s spinning and spitting. Can you blame this guy though? There’s nothing more thrilling than having a blast on your bike.

Rat Rod Trike – Dennis Hom – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

Be sure to check out the two videos below the first one, you’ll get another view from the middle of the burnout merry-go-round and get a full 360 view of the build details in the video that follows.

Let us know what you think! Leave your thoughts on this unique rat rod in the comments.

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