Crazy Video! Driver Pulls Loaded Gun On Group Of Motorcycles

Driver Pulls Gun On Group Of Motorcycles – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Have you seen this crazy viral video yet? It’s causing a huge controversy right now.

A driver pulls a gun on a group of ten motorcyclists in traffic. According to the driver, the riders on the motorcycles were causing havoc on the road.

The in the video, one rider can be seen riding on the dirt median, doing wheelies, then making “you’re crazy” gestures to another truck. After seeing all of this, a driver of another truck decides to confront the riders by calling them “f-ing idiots”, telling them he has a gun in his truck, and to “pull over”.

When one of the motorcyclists knocks on the truck window to see what’s going on, it sends the driver and passengers into full on rage mode. The driver whips out his gun and points it straight at the biker with his finger on the trigger.

Luckily, two riders in the group we’re wearing helmet cameras and caught the whole thing on video. Check out the footage from both riders below. One video shows what was happening before the incident and the other shows the footage of the driver waving the gun around.

Who do you think is in the wrong here? The riders were obviously pulling illegal stunts while riding on the road, but did they deserve to have a loaded gun waved in their faces? We think both the motorcyclists and the driver could have handled this better. What do you think?

Check out the two videos below and be the judge, post your reaction in the comments below:

Footage before the incident:

Video of the driver pulling out the gun:

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