DIY Motorcycle Turntable For Your Garage

DIY – How To Build A Motorcycle Turntable For Your Garage – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Wow! We’re impressed by this clever idea… here’s a really simple way to build a lazy susan for your motorcycle.

If you hate having to back your bike into the garage or spin it around to pull it out, here’s a simple, but brilliant solution that will make pulling your motorcycle in and out of the garage super easy and convenient.

In the video below, YouTuber Paul Pomerleau, shows you how to create a motorcycle turntable for your motorcycle. You’ll be surprised by just how simple it is to build it yourself. Take it from Paul, his video description says it all, “it was fun to make and I smile every time I use it. Total cost of supplies $67”.

A commenter on the video brought up a good point, pushing your bike backwards strains your back and legs, plus you could easily slip on oil or dust and drop your bike while doing so. This motorcycle turntable is a practical and inexpensive solution for flipping your bike around without causing damage to yourself or your bike.

See how to it works and how you can build your own turntable in the video below:

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