Dweezil The Blue Pit Bull Motorcycle Dog

2016-02-11 08_27_28-cycle dog - YouTube
Dweezil Hops On For A Ride – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

As soon as we saw this Dweezil, the blue pit bull, we we’re instantly in love! One of his favorite past times is going for rides on his dad’s motorcycle nicknamed “Black Betty Bambulam”. When his owner puts on his helmet, Dweezil knows it’s time to ride!

Since Dweezil likes to ride on the motorcycle tank, his owners ensure his safety by taking slow rides on nature trails instead of the highway. If your pooch wants to ride on the highway, we recommend installing a carrier to further ensure your pet’s safety.

2016-02-11 08_43_23-cycle dog - YouTube
Dweezil Takes A Break To Roll Around In The Grass – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

If you dig the music in this video, it’s all original music written and recorded by Tony Stanley featuring a killer guitar solo by Tim O’dell.

Watch the awesome video below to see Dweezil take a ride with his owner. I love how he hops on the tank and then looks back at his owner like he’s saying “come on dad, let’s get outta here!”.

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