EPIC FAIL: Motorcycle Burnout Goes Up In Flames


Today kids, we examine another burnout gone wrong. What was supposed to be an impressive burnout, took a heated turn when the motorcycle sparks into flames.

In front of a large crowd of people, a biker decides to show off his burnout skills on his Suzuki motorcycle. He braces the bike against and tree and turns the throttle. The back tire begins to spin, he continues to accelerate, the motorcycle is first engulfed in smoke… then a spark from the pipes ignites a fire.

The rider immediately hops off and lays down the bike. A few guys from the crowd run up to pour their beers on the bike. The owner tries everything he can to stop the fire, he even gives it a little blow. Hilarity ensues as the crowd joins in frantically trying to tame the flames, but nothing seems to work.

Blowing on it? Nope. Jacket? Nope. Dirt? Nope. Beer? Nope. Sand? Nope. I’m cracking up imagining the look on his face when the guy in the portapotty steps out to see this…

Watch the video below to find out how they tame this flaming beast:

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