Every Motorcycle Needs One Of These! [MUST SEE]

Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot

It’s no secret that vehicle thefts are on an all time rise, and motorcycles are no exception to it. More than 40,000 motorcycles are stolen each year in the United States – a total of 45,555 motorcycles were reported stolen in 2015 alone – so what can you do to prevent yourself from falling victim to having yours stolen? The video we have for you today details an incredible 110db Alarm Disc Lock for your motorcycle – which is a must have when our iron horses are being targeted by thieves.

We’ve mentioned the year 2015 in particular, because that year, incidents of motorcycle thefts increased a whopping 6% – more than any previous years on record. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the top 10 states with the most reported motorcycles thefts in 2015 were:

  • California (7,221)
  • Florida (4,758)
  • Texas (3,403)
  • South Carolina (2,160)
  • New York (1,902)
  • North Carolina (1,866)
  • Nevada (1,408)
  • Georgia (1,393)
  • Indiana (1,333)
  • Virginia (1,253)

Those are alarming statistics. When it comes to our motorcycles, we can never be too careful with thefts rates like these!

Check out the video below, on how the 110db Alarm Disc Lock easily secures your motorcycle, and tell us in the comments if you think a gadget like this one is totally worth the investment. To what lengths would you go to make sure your motorcycle is safe?

I Love To Ride

Every motorcycle needs one of these! With more than 45,000 motorcycles stolen last year, extra security for your bike is an absolute MUST have. Get your own 110db Alarm Disc Lock now, 50% OFF for a limited time! Order Now ↪️ http://bit.ly/alarm-disc-lock Order Now ↪️ http://bit.ly/alarm-disc-lock

Video Courtesy of I Love To Ride (Facebook)

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Image Credit(s): Chase Ohm/Facebook
Image Credit(s): Chase Ohm/Facebook