Excellent Long Fork Chopper Ride [WATCH]

Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot

Today’s video will take you back to the days of riding on those long, twisty, and totally unsafe back roads with your parents. If we could name this particular video, it would be one word, and one word only: nostalgia. This is how you remember dad and all of his biker buddies – riding old school bikes that they likely pieced together all weekend long. And there are no days you remember better as a kid, watching them with their bikes, knowing someday, you’d be doing the same thing.

If you could take an old school chopper down the side of a mountain, would you? Could you let yourself relax fully, enough to not care that you have no front breaks at all, and let the mountain guide your ride? Truly, that is what our parents, and even some of us, used to do. Before extreme safety measures entered the picture. Back in the days where drinking out of the hose and being covered head to toe in mud was acceptable weekend behavior for our kids.

Check out the video below, courtesy of Harley Davidson KickStarts (seriously, one of our favorite pages on Facebook), and tell us in the comments if you’d love to take a ride like this one. Does it take you back to the good old days of motorcycle riding? Does it bring back all of your best memories of childhood, to the easy days of motorcycle weekends with mom and dad?

Harley-Davidson KickStarts

WOW! Cool Long Fork Chopper Ride

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