Fire Destroys Hundreds Of Motorcycles At A California Dealership

Image Credit: FOX5 News
Image Credit: FOX5 News

Ugh, our hearts. Last week, hundreds of Ducati motorcycles were destroyed in a fire at a Escondido, CA dealership – one its owners spent over a decade building. The building was fully engulfed in flames when firefighters were called to the blaze at about 10:30 PM, to the Moto Forza dealership in Escondido. The blaze, which totaled the small community dealership, has the owners, employees, and dedicated customers in tears.

“Just watching all of these beautiful bikes just go up in flames, watching tanks pop, it’s devastating.”


said Emily Bradsher, who was witness to the fire. She said could see the heavy smoke and flames from the freeway; citing she noticed the flames were at least 100, 120 feet over the roof of the structure. General Manager Chris Cordato and the owner of the dealership were working to salvage what was left of their dealership the next day, with Cordato saying,

“We’re closed Sunday and Mondays …Got a call from the alarm company so I showed up and a bunch of fire trucks were spraying down the roof.”

Fortunately, no employees or patrons were injured in the devastating blaze, and fire investigators have been working all week to uncover the cause of the fire. A dollar amount on the damage has yet to be estimated by investigators. Moto Forza customer Carmello Marino said,

“I cried. Everybody else was in tears and it hurts. He [the owner] is a really good guy and when you see something like that, it takes a personal effect to your heart to see something like this happen.”

Check out the official story about the blaze from California’s FOX 5 news, and tell us in the comments if you feel for the Escondido community and the loss of their very own Ducati dealership. Here at BON, we’d like to wish the owners a quick and speedy recovery for the business they and their customers love so much.

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Image Credit: Ducati
Image Credit: Ducati