Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Stops To Help Cop On Highway

Image Credit: RockYourLife
Image Credit: RockYourLife

Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Zoltan Bathory totally understands the biker code – you never leave your brothers and sisters stranded on the side of the road. He was travelling on a Las Vegas, NV highway on Christmas Eve when he spotted a cop on the side of the road trying to change out a tire for an elderly lady who was stranded, and decided to stop and offer a hand. He stayed with the officer and the woman until the job was done.

Five Finger Death Punch, as a band, are huge supporters of police and military, and during the encounter, Zoltan thanked the officer for serving and protecting the public. The band proves their support time and time again, performing overseas for soldiers, showing gratitude for police, and hiring veterans for their band tours and security teams. For Zoltan, helping the officer and the stranded lady was just all in a day’s work.

He tweeted an image of the encounter (see it below) with the caption,

officer kneeling in the dirt changing the tire of an old lady, I pulled over to thank him and to see if he needed a hand 💙 LVMPD

on his personal Twitter page, and it has received hundreds of likes and retweets. Tell us in the comments below if you’re moved by Zoltan’s urge to help the total strangers on the side of a Las Vegas Highway. Would you have stopped to do the same?

Watch this Five Finger Death Punch Police Tribute:




Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot