FREE BON Cards and Lapel Pin

We are trying to make it easier for BON members to get their hands on BON Cards.

These are the business cards that BON members hand out to their friends inviting them to join BON. The cards have your BON ID on them and when someone signs up you get a referral.

We are working on getting these into 1000s of locations across the country. Right now you can walk into two participating dealers. As a bonus you’ll also get a FREE BON Lapel Pin (regularly $6.97) when you pick up your cards.

Here is where you can go to pick up your free stuff:

Williams Harley-Davidson
1100 US Hwy 22W
Lebanon, NJ 08833
Tel: 908.236.0767


Harley-Davidson of New Port Richey
5817 State Road 54
New Port Richey, FL 34652
Phone: (727) 842-4547

If you own a biker related business and would like to distribute BON cards then please contact James at 727.521.7929.


  1. I’m in York, PA for the next few weeks (home of HD) help, tell me where I need to go to get a pin. I’d LOVE to have one!!!

  2. I live in Delaware.
    I have been a member of BON & I want my BON Pin & Cards….

    How do I get mine?? And of course for my wife too….

  3. We wanna distribute them at our bar…opening soon in Austin, Texas!!! and I need some for personal use…let me know how…to get hooked up!

  4. live in the carolinas and we have lots of bikers in our taverns and bars who would loved and be proud to wear your pins and cards how can i get some down here!!!!! thanx and keep riding on !!!

  5. bummer….used to be able to get them right from the BON site…was nice cuz I could hand them out to people I meet and have them go to the site.

  6. I got the card but no pin at all and I am needing more card . what do I need to do to get more card and a pin ? would love to have the pin for my patch vest.

  7. I would like to get some of the BON cards.. messed around and didn’t send for mine directly from the site when they were available. I meet tons of bikers who are interested in joining, always have to find pen/paper (which generally gets lost anyway by the end of the day). Can’t we order directly from BON any longer, or have to be a business to get them? Bummer. I realize it may have been a large undertaking for BON to send them out to individual members, but we are the lifeblood and BON’s best and most prolific promoters of the site, and would seem it would be worth the little extra time to make them available to us right from the site. Now that we can moderate for BON Bucks, maybe implement an (inexpensive) way to use those bucks for the cards with free s&h.
    I already have my pin!! Thanks… šŸ™‚

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