Friends Vs. Biker Friends

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Ever wondered what the difference is between having a normal friend vs. a biker friend? Here’s a little break down of the extreme differences. Scroll through to the bottom and leave a comment letting us know what else should be added to the list.

Friends: Will say “Hello”.
Biker Friends: Will give you a big hug and kiss.


Friends: Never ask for food.
Biker Friends: Are the reason you have no food.


Friends: Call your parents Mr. & Mrs.
Biker Friends: Call your parents Mom and dad.


Friends: Have never seen you cry.
Biker Friends: Will cry with you.


Friends: Eat at your dinner table and leave.
Biker Friends: Will spend hours talking, laughing, and just being together.


Friends: Know a few things about you.
Biker Friends: Could write a book with quotes.

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Friends: Knock on your door.
Biker Friends: Walk in and say “I’m home”.



Friends: Are for a while.
Biker Friends: Are for life.


Friends: Will ignore this.
Biker Friends: Will SHARE this with their biker friends.


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