Harley Davidson Extending Financial Services To India

Image Credit: Harley Davidson
Image Credit: Harley Davidson

It’s no secret that lately Harley Davidson has been worried about their bottom line. This past week alone has been an incredibly crucial week for the American-based motorcycle manufacturer, as stock analysts are only showing a 16% positive stock rating for the company, who holds the American stock title NYSE: HOG . For anyone who knows the stock market, you know this is good, but not great. Combine that with an already declining stock percentage and an overall earnings loss for the company, it’s somewhat bad news. That is why the financial experts over at Harley Davidson have come up with a new plan – extending customer financing services to India – a country that has yet to experience being able to finance the American-made motorcycle brand.

The roll out of Harley Davidson financial services and loans in India is expected to occur completely within the next two months – as Harley Davidson’s wholly-owned Indian subsidiary is now in its final stages of negotiations with bankers to launch the services within as soon as the coming days. Harley-Davidson India Managing Director Vikram Pawah says,

“By this calendar year, we will be launching our financial services. It will be known as Harley Davidson Financial Services.”

Pawah also said, “Of our total sales, 50-60% of bikes go out through finances. So, it is a huge number. We want to offer customized loans to people so that they can buy our products at their convenience.”

So, if you currently live in India, and are craving that new Harley smell, there’s good news for you. Within the next couple of months, you’ll be able to finance that brand new Harley you’ve always wanted. Check out one of the newest Harley Davidson Motorcycles available in India below, and tell us in the comments if you think this is a good direction for Harley Davidson to be going in!



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