Heavy Metal Christmas Album: Carols of Chaos by Orion’s Reign

Image Credit: DeviantART
Image Credit: DeviantART

Last week, we shared the heavy metal version of the Christmas classic “Carol Of The Bells” (see RELATED ARTICLE link below), which was arranged and performed by the up and coming metal band Orion’s Reign. After that share, we were compelled to give ourselves a proper introduction to the band, and we are so glad we did. We found out that not only did they perform the badass version of “Carol Of The Bells” that they did, but they also recorded an entire heavy metal Christmas album. We’ve listened to it, more than once, and we just have to share it all with you.

Aptly named “Carols of Chaos”, the Christmas album by Orion’s Reign totals 30 minutes of Christmas tunes deliciously modified with that heavy drum, bass, and guitar sound that we’re starting to love the band for. They have such a deep rock sound…we really can’t get enough of them. No joke, we’ve been playing this album all week. Even our kids love it. We know you’ll love it too!

We’ve included the song list with the album below – take a listen and tell us which song from Orion’s Reign Carols of Chaos¬†you like the most! Will you be playing this album for the fam on Christmas day?

Orion’s Reign

Carols of Chaos

1 Intro – 0:000:35

2 Carol Of The Bells – 0:354:17

3. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – 4:188:56

4. O Come O Come Emmanuel – 8:5812:06

5. Nutcracker – 12:0716:28

6. Interlude – 16:2917:35

7. We Three Kings – 17:3522:31

8. What Child Is This – 22:3326:55

9. O Holy Night Р26:57 

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Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot