Her Daddy Loved Motorcycles, But He Will Never Hold His Baby Girl

Image Credit: Kim Stone Photography
Image Credit: Kim Stone Photography

This darling photo of a newborn baby girl swaddled in a pink blanket, being held by her father’s motorcycle gloves, will absolutely melt your heart, but the story behind it will absolutely break your heart. Aubrey, the baby girl, lost her father, Hector Ferrer-Alvarez, in a tragic shooting a month before she was born. Her family wanted him and his memory to live on in this heartbreaking photo.

“Her Daddy loved his motorcycle. He always wore protective gear. He wanted to make sure he was safe. He couldn’t take any chances with a new baby girl on the way. But he will never hold his baby girl. His life was taken just a month before she was born by someone he considered a friend. They say that angels are talking to babies when they smile in their sleep. I guess maybe that’s true.”

Photographer Kim Stone set out to forever capture the memory of Hector when she knew she was going to be doing Aubrey’s Father’s Day photo shoot. She knew that Hector was an avid motorcycle enthusiast, and she was setting up to take a shot when Aubrey gave her a magical smile, resting on her daddy’s motorcycle glove.

“I wrapped the baby in her swaddle, a blanket her great-grandmother had made. I laid her there and put the helmet next to her. Then as soon as I laid the glove under her head, she began to smile.”

Kim said. Mom Kathryn Williams, stood behind Kim crying as she captured the magical moment.

The photo quickly went viral after Kim shared it to her Facebook. A Go Fund Me has been set up for Aubrey and Hector’s family, and if you’d like, you can donate here. Tell us in the comments how sweet you think baby Aubrey is!

Check out video of the amazing photo here:


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Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot