Hercules Sunglasses Are Indestructible


Funny story…

About a year ago my daughter presented me with her handy work…

broken-sunglasses-220These are $160 at Sunglass Hut. (OUCH!)

The truth is, she did me a favor…

Let me explain. Shortly after this little setback I was introduced to Hercules Sunglasses. And that was the beginning of the end for me buying expensive eye wear that wasn’t really good for riding motorcycles anyway.

Let’s break it down a bit shall we:

* Hercules Sunglasses are $10.
* They are shatterproof (can you say no shattered glass in your eyes)
* The are super duper comfortable and protect you on the sides
* You can’t break them! Ever! No matter how hard you try!

Bottom line, for riding they kick butt… much better than those ‘fancy pants’ sunglasses.

$10 or $160 – You choose. Heck you could buy 16 pair of Hercules for the same price. Problem is you only need one pair because they will never break… even if you run them over with a fire truck (see video) or let a 5-year-old have them!

Right now Hercules are ON SALE (with super cheap shipping). You’ll get your pair in about 5-days average if you are in the United States.

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The reviews are insanely good with over 500 positive reviews for these $10 ‘bad boys’. Here’s just a few.