History Of The One Wheel Motorcycle – The Daring Monocycle

Swiss engineer Mr. Gerdes inside his monocycle circa 1931- Image Credit: Reddit

Here’s an old photograph of the very first one wheeled motorcycle, now known as the monocycle or monowheel. The monocycle in the photo above was designed and built in 1931 by a Swiss engineer named Mr. Gerdes and hit max a speed of 93 mph.

A more recent example of a monocycle was built by the talented Kerry McLean. Kerry was nearly killed during it’s initial test run in 2001 and is very fortunate to be alive. He continues to make improvements while inventing other machines like this one. Check out this video to learn more about McLean’s monocycle. You’ll also get to hear commentary from McLean himself describing the first test drive and crash.

Would you ride a monocycle? Let us know if you’re brave enough in the comments.


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