How To Catch A Gold Digger (Funny Prank)

Gold Diggers Exposed – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

Don’t you loathe gold diggers? It’s amazing what a girl will do for a guy with a little bit of money…

In this video, guys ask girls on dates, but they don’t accept until they see the guy’s got boatloads of cash or an expensive looking car.

In the first clip, a guy’s offer to hang out is rejected until he drops a briefcase full of money right in front of her. She doesn’t want anything to do with him at first, saying she has “friends on the way”, but let’s see what happens after she sees beaucoups of money fall out of his briefcase!

This is almost painful to watch. You’ll crack up watching as these gold diggin’ ladies and men are exposed in this ultimate prank video compilation.

Have you ever dating a gold digger? Sound off with your craziest story in the comments below.


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