How To Effortlessly Pick Up Your Motorcycle

Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot

The video we have today is going to be especially helpful for those who own the heavier motorcycles on the market. It’s happened to the best of bikers; one minute your bike is up and standing proud, and the next, it’s helplessly laying on it side waiting to be rescued and returned to its normal resting state. Sometimes, you’ll lose control of it while riding, sometimes it’ll get knocked over by others not paying attention, crap happens.

No worries, with the video we have in store for you today, you’ll never struggle again to pick your motorcycle back up. We’ve found a how-to on easily picking your motorcycle up off its side, and returning it to its kickstand. You could break your back, tugging and pulling, and straining every muscle you have. Or, you could get your motorcycle back up on two wheels without even breaking a sweat.

Check out the very helpful video below, of how to easily and effortlessly pick your bike up. The more you know, the less you’ll worry. Tell us in the comments if you’ll now be picking your bike back up like a breeze! How handy do you think this method is for picking your motorcycle up off its side?

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How to pick up your motorcycle..especially the heavy ones.

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Image Credit: Video Screenshot Image Credit: Video