Idiot Cager Runs Red Light, You Won’t Believe What He Does Next

Cager Runs A Red Light – Image Credit: – Screenshot

If you ride, this video clip will make you cringe! A poor Honda gets a pummeled after a car runs a red light. After running the red light, the car stops mid-mistake and tries to correct it by reversing right into a guy and his beloved motorcycle.

The thing that really gets us revved up about this clip is that even after the driver realizes he or she’s hit something, he decides to keep backing over what he hit. The poor rider stands there in disbelief watching his bike get crushed.

Luckily, the rider was quick enough to jump off his bike and wearing a helmet cam to prove his innocence. Check out the clip below and leave a comment with your thoughts. Have you ever been in a similar situation? Tell us your story!

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