Insane Motorcycle Road Rage Incident In Chicago

Image Credit: Fox 32 Chicago
Image Credit: Fox 32 Chicago

This past weekend, the scariest thing ever happened in a suburb of Chicago, and it’s seriously what nightmares are made of for motorcyclists. On a neighborhood road, it was the classic case of a motorcycle group versus a pick up truck, and the footage will make you squirm. The driver of the pick up showed no care whatsoever to the safety of the motorcyclists, and within the video, that is more than obvious.

The problem stemmed at a bust intersection, with the group of bikers stopped at a red light. That’s when the pick up truck decides to careen through the red light, bikers, and all. He even runs over one of the bikes, narrowly missing the motorcyclist in the process. The harrowing video shows the motorcyclist running for safety just in the nick of time.

Watch the frightening video below, of the moment the pick up truck decides the lives of the bikers aren’t his top priority. Tell us in the comments how scary incidents like this are! With campaigns like “Look Twice, Safe a Life” and “Loud Mufflers Saves Lives”, how ridiculous do you think incidents like this are? What else can we do to ensure motorcycle safety on the roads?

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