Kickstarting A 1946 Harley-Davidson WL Motorcycle

1946 Harley-Davidson WL – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

We love finding old classics like this Harley on YouTube, especially W-series like this one. In this video, you’ll witness the kickstart of a beautiful 1946 Harley-Davidson WL.

The Harley-Davidson W-series was introduced in 1937 and fitted with a 45-cubic-inch flathead v-twin engine and a recirculating oil system. It’s the same engine used in the Servi-Cars, military WLA, and WR racing models during the 1940s.

This 1946 Harley-Davidson WL is rich in history and beauty, it’s unfortunate that they restored it with a non-original two-tone paint job, but it’s still awesome! Check out the video below to see this baby in action.

Do you collect or restore old classics like this one? Feel free to share photos of your restored rides in the comments. Leave your thoughts about this Harley-Davidson antique below.

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