Lady Rider Kick-Starts a Harley-Davidson Ironhead


We all know that “practice makes perfect”… when it comes to kick-starting a bike, you’ve got to have your technique down pat and a lot of practice.

Recently, we shared with you an impressive 12-year-old girl who perfected the art of kick-starting her father’s Shovelhead Chopper. In today’s clip, we’re sharing a determined biker gal who refuses to give up on kickstarting her Harley-Davidson Ironhead.

Of course, we’ve¬†totally got the hots for any woman who’s willing to put herself out there on two wheels, but we’re head over heels for a biker chick who¬†perseveres. After several tries and a couple of frustrated f-bombs, she succeeds and fires it up! The smile on her face when she finally gets it… priceless.

What is your technique for kickstarting a motorcycle? Leave your tips and tricks in the comments. Be sure to share this video with your favorite lady rider or new rider as a reminder to never give up!

Check out the video below:

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